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Algorithm versions are important because they specify the significance of an update, and the way it might affect key validation.

SKGL version (library) ISF SKA Remark (+minor versions)     1


The algorithm for serial key generation is very different from other versions 2 1 Keys generated in will not work. 2 1 Minor change. Does not affect the validation process of previous versions. 2 1 Minor change. Also, this will not affect the validation process of previous versions 2 2 Change in check-sum. Keys generated in previous versions will not be validated. 2 2 A new functions for generation of machine ids. No changes in key validation nor generation with previous versions. 2 2 No changes to key generation/validation with previous versions. Fixed a bug that had to do with permission.

ISF - information storage format, is in other words the the structure of the key, i.e. length of check-sum etc.

SKA - serial key algorithm, is the version of algorithms that are used to generate a key i.e., the algorithm of generating a check-sum.

In order to get the version number of SKGL, please use following code:

string version = typeof(SKGL.Generate).Assembly.GetName().Version.ToString();


Dim version As String = GetType(SKGL.Generate).Assembly.GetName().Version.ToString

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