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Exception generating MachineCode


We've been using your library quite successfully for several years. Very nice. I having problems at a new installation where the PC doesn't appear to want to give-up a new MachineCode and an exception is getting thrown. I have a dialog box waiting where the end-user gives me the 5-digit HardwareId over the phone and I give him the license code.

Exception is thrown at last line. tbox_Key.Text is empty string.

Here is my code:
     tbox_Key.Text = App.ServerSettings.LicenseKey;

     _ValidateAKey = new Validate();
     _ValidateAKey.secretPhase = _SecretPhase;
     _ValidateAKey.Key = tbox_Key.Text;

     _CreateHardwareId = new Generate();
     lbl_HardwareId.Text = _CreateHardwareId.MachineCode.ToString();
Is this a PC configuration/setup problem?

The current build is still targeting .NET 4.0 (which is loaded) and we haven't changed the SKGL.DLL since the beginning.
Current Runtime Version of SKGL.DLL is v2.0.50727

Thanks for any help or advice.